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      WE Had a Baby ♥

      WE Had a Baby ♥

      Our founder, Marguerite, added the newest member to our Addison Bay family and here’s what she had to say on her newest addition, maternity leave during a pandemic, and balancing mother and CEO roles.
      Introducing my newest addition, Behr Webster Adzick, arriving on August 4th. We are beyond excited and grateful for our healthy and happy baby boy! The road to get pregnant has not been easy for my husband and myself so we’re feeling extra lucky for our little guy.

      For the next few weeks, I’ll be wearing my mom hat a little bit more than my CEO hat – and that is the right move for everyone! I have an amazing teammate aka my husband at home to help get used to our family of four and I have an amazing team at work keeping AB moving forward in an innovative and productive way.
      There’s never really a “good time” to have a baby, especially when operating and leading a startup business. This year and this pregnancy has been especially challenging while pregnant during a pandemic – the safety of myself, my team, and my baby came first and foremost. That being said, my other baby, AB, needed attention and leadership on my part and it was important to navigate the turbulent retail environment and lead my team.

      The balance of being a working mother and CEO is important to me - both roles mean a lot and share significant importance in my life. At this time, with my newborn, the ‘mom side’ has to take more of my time and that is life! Honestly, it’s been really hard to take a few steps back from the company for a bit – but I know it’s best for my personal health, my family and my little Behr. Was I emailing my team from my hospital bed? Yes  but it’s all about balance for me. My new definition of balance looks a little different these days, swaying more towards nursing and nap schedules, but I’m still working to keep all of the balls in the air.
      As a female founded and led company, our marketing mission is to empower other women who are trying to juggle everything and do it well. I hope other women can understand and relate to my struggle of trying to ‘do it all’ – this is not easy and I’m trying to make it all work. Some days, I feel like I can do it all and other days I feel like the worst mom and CEO in the world. As a female entrepreneur and mom, I believe in the importance of balance and self-care hope other women can relate to the same struggles.  

      I’m celebrating my baby Behr’s one month birthday on the day of my company’s two year birthday. This is an extra special time to celebrate this milestone occasion. I LOVE birthdays and both are definitely a reason to celebrate. I will keep saying WE had a baby…I wouldn’t be able to do it without my teammate at home and my team at work, I’m so grateful for our incredible extended family.  


      National Infertility Awareness Week ♥

      This week is a special week for us here at Addison Bay.  We are celebrating and honoring women and families who have struggled with Infertility.  From April 21st to April 29th is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), with the goal of this week being to bring awareness and light to infertility and help couples and families who have been affected by infertility.  This holds a special place in our hearts because our Founder and CEO, Marguerite Adzick, has had an extremely personal journey with infertility. 

      Did you know that AB came from successful fertility treatments? I had the idea for Addison Bay for several years prior to launching the company in 2018. For two years prior to starting AB, I was trying to get pregnant and going through fertility treatments. Hundreds of doctors appointments and several rounds of IVF later, I got pregnant with my beautiful daughter. Once I made it to the second trimester, I immediately felt a rush of relief and excitement. Fertility treatments are a time intensive process and I finally felt like I had the time and energy to put towards building Addison Bay. While most women may settle into their pregnancy, I chose to use the newfound time to start writing a business plan and pitching the idea to investors and get the company off of the ground. I resigned from a job that I loved at six months pregnant - I knew that I had to go for it and, ironically, it felt like the right timing. Addison Bay would never exist without my beautiful daughter and I’ve loved raising my two babies (Annie and Addison Bay) together. 

      Here at AB, we want to shed light on some facts and myths surrounding infertility to support  and educate our community.  In most basic terms, infertility refers to the inability for a woman and or couple to get pregnant after at least a year of trying.  1 in 8 couples struggle with getting pregnant and or sustaining a pregnancy.  There are a combination of reasons for this, some attributed to the female partner, some to the male partner and in some cases both partners.  In many cases there is  medical intervention that can help to begin the pregnancy such as In Vitro Fertilization but in other cases some women remain unable to get pregnant and pursue other routes in having children such as adoption or surrogate mothers.  

      The National Infertility Association has created amazing resources for families struggling with infertility and created amazing campaigns advocating for this week.  Now time for some fun facts!  The symbol for Infertility awareness has become a Pineapple representing women struggling with this.  You can find this symbol on infertility blogs, instagrams, facebook feeds, this symbol helps to unite women going  through this.  The pink and blue ribbons together represent Infertility and also infant loss awareness.  While this is a terrible issues that affects millions of women each year, there have been many incredible and strong communities built around this bringing women together, that is what we like to see #GirlPower! 

      So what can you do to help?  Support your loved ones, if you have friends or family members that you know are going through infertility  be there to support them whether it is a shoulder to cry on or baking some cookies, getting out and going for a walk, doing some retail therapy, they will for sure appreciate it. 
      From the AB Team, we are here for you and honor and celebrate anyone affected by this.  We hope that Marghi’s story can inspire and bring hope to others.  
      Learn more about NIAW facts through at The National Infertility Association's website.

      April AB Girl of the Month...Rosalie Hunter ♥

      April AB Girl of the Month...Rosalie Hunter ♥

      We’re so excited to introduce April’s Girl of the Month …. Rosalie Hunter! By profession she is a wealth advisor, outside of her job Rosalie describes herself as a Mom, a friend, an athlete, a colleague, and a fighter. Although from the outside it can seem like she’s had a pretty smooth road, Rosalie would like people to know that she has worked incredibly hard for everything she’s achieved both personally and professionally. She says, “The truth is that I've faced significant challenges throughout my life, but I keep my chin up,  work really hard and always keep my eye on the prize.” Her biggest accomplishment this far is seeing her son and daughter grow up to become really good, kind hearted, and hard working people. Out of everything she has done, she is the most proud of her children.  

      In her free time Rosalie LOVES to be active and exercise. Her favorite workouts happen on days when she has time to do cardio along with strength/core. Rosalie describes the ideal workout day: “My cardio would be a 30-45 minute run or spin class, followed by 30-45 minutes of a strength/core workout with a trainer. This combo gives me a sense of accomplishment because I know I’ve worked hard from head to toe!” 

      Like a true AB girl, Rosalie is always on the go. Her typical day consists of going to Balance in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill for a workout, then grabbing her morning Dunkin Donuts as she rushes into the office. After a busy day at work Rosalie does her best to get in an early evening walk at home before she settles in to relax for the evening. With such a strict schedule Rosalie allows herself to indulge a little bit every once in a while. Her favorite indulgences are everything bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter vanilla ice cream, and wine (of course)!

      Especially in these times of social distancing Rosalie prioritizes fashion, comfort, and fun statement accessories in her modern wardrobe. According to Rosalie, “I LOVE everything AB and I wear AB gear all the time. During this time of social distancing AB leggings, an AB tee or a fashionable AB sweatshirt is my go to work-from-home uniform!” We might be biased, but Rosalie definitely has incredible WFH outfits. 

      To Rosalie being an AB girl means staying on top of her game in everything she does and helping others do the same. It means having a “can do” attitude and remembering that the glass is always half full! Rosalie’s advice to young girls is to invest in themselves. She says “make self care a priority (both physical and mental) and be comfortable with who you are. You can’t help or cheer on others unless you feel good about yourself.”

      You Asked. We Listened. Let's Sweat.

      You Asked. We Listened. Let's Sweat.

      We’re back again with another week full of workouts, with 6 new instructors who are energizing your stay-at-home lunch break. We’ll be live streaming some of the most popular fitness instructors from NYC and Philadelphia straight to you (for free) via the Addison Bay Instagram. Make sure to keep noon clear on your calendar, because you won’t want to miss the actionpacked week ahead.

      Here’s what’s on deck:

      3/30 @ 12PM,
      SaltDrop with Dino Malvone 

      Dino will get your heart rate soaring and your muscles shaking for the perfect mid-day Monday break. SaltDrop is a sweaty, beat-driven workout designed to explore the joy embedded in movement. You’ll move through body-weight bearing sequences to warm the body and end with a big effervescent push to test your endurance.

      3/31 @ 12PM, Housework with
      Sydney Miller  

      Calling all our Pilates lovers!! Housework is a full-body sculpting and conditioning workout set to the beat of electronic and house music. This class combines sculpting exercises based in Pilates with energizing cardio circuits designed to take your balance, flexibility, and core strength to the next level! You’ll use your own body weight and either sliders, towels, or paper plates for the slider series.

      4/1 @ 12PM, Abs and Obliques HIIT with
      Nick Turk

      On Wednesday we’re bringing you another Soul Cycle Philly fave. Nick Turk will be toning your core by combining slow controlled and fast movements; this abs and obliques class will have you feeling the shakes.

      4/2 @ 12PM,
      Dance Body with Mindi

      We love an upbeat dance session to break up the week! Get ready for a 30-min DanceBody workout with Mindi. Expect easy to follow moves that will introduce you to their style, with intervals of toning throughout. DanceBody's motto has always been: Keep Moving, so get ready!

      4/3 @ 12PM,
      Box + Flow with Olivia Young

      Follow along for a high-intensity boxing inspired workout, complete with a cardio warm-up, shadowboxing, and fast vinyasa flow finisher, led by Box + Flow founder Olivia Young.

      4/4 @10AM,
      BPM Fitness Bootcamp with Shoshana

      Addison Bay ambassador Shoshana is bringing you a classic bootcamp style workout that will exhaust your whole body. Get ready for a full body workout, that won't just leave you sweaty but will also be tons of fun! Fill a backpack with books, grab any weights you have, and let's get after it! 

      4/5, @12PM
      , Triyo Fitness with Malik, Khalil, and Ahmad Jones

      We’re bringing back Philly’s favorite triplets for another full body workout! Join Triyo Fitness for a 45-minute total-body workout! You won’t need any equipment for this one (mats optional), so bring yourself and bring a friend! This will be a high-intensity cardio and strength workout!

      Addison Bay Virtual Instagram Workouts Week of March 23rd ♥

      Addison Bay Virtual Instagram Workouts Week of March 23rd ♥

      Addison Bay is here to help you fight your cabin fever! If you’re like us, you might be going a little stir crazy without a daily dose of your favorite workout class. Luckily for all of us, some of the top fitness instructors in Philadelphia & NYC  will be live streaming a special workout from the Addison Bay Instagram right into your house. All of our instructors have designed workouts that can be done with little to no equipment and won’t take up more space than you have in your living room!
      Here’s the lineup for our virtual classes:

      3/23 @ 6 PM- Triyo Fitness with Malik, Khalil, and Ahmad Jones

      We’re starting off strong with Philly’s favorite triplets! Triyo fitness will be giving you a 45-minute total-body workout! All you need to bring to this workout is yourself, and a mat if you want one. This is a high-intensity cardio and strength workout, perfect for all of our HIIT lovers!

      3/24 @ 12 PM- JABS x GINA DINAPOLI 

      Tuesday afternoon means cardio dance party! Another HIIT style workout, JABS incorporates punches and kicks into a dance class that will get you to your max heart rate. 


      3/25 @ 7:30 AM- 305 Fitness with Candace Taylor 

      Your Wednesday will be off to a great start with 305 Fitness! This workout is an eclectic combo of dance moves, sports drills, and high intensity interval training gives you a full body workout that will remind you of night-out partying with friends. 

      3/26 @ 12 PM- Soul Arms and Abs 

      Believe it or not, we’re bringing SoulCycle to you via Maddie Copeland! A member of the Soul Philly fam Maddie will be taking you through her favorite arms and abs circuit. Use 5/10/15 lb. weights, or whatever you can find around the house to substitute!

      3/27 @ 12 PM- Jax & Lo Fit 

      Jax&Lo is bringing the Friday energy with a combo of  HIIT and bodyweight classes that have a booty pump component! This session requires no equipment, just bring your body and find an open space in the house. Workout brought to you by Lauren Stevis & Greg 

      3/28 @ 12 PM - Dance and Sculpt

      Dance and Sculpt with Madelaine O’Connell, an instructor with obe fitness, is designed to elevate your heart rate, enhance your coordination and increase your stamina. Dance and Sculpt will tone, lengthen, and sculpt your body with creative exercise sequencing aimed at fatiguing each muscle group in between cardio rounds.