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      AB Girl of February: Erin Morrissey ♥

      AB Girl of February: Erin Morrissey ♥

      Our Addison Bay girl of February is the incredible Erin Morrisey, the face behind Erin Lives Whole, a health and wellness blog where she gives her readers healthy recipes and lifestyle tips to help them live a happier and healthier life. Erin is one of our AB brand BFFs, and we’re so excited to have her as our Feb girl of the month! Check out the interview below to learn more about the woman behind the blog.

      Erin is the definition of an AB girl. The AB girl is confident. She is loyal to her family, cherished friends, and familiar places. Her thoughtful appearance, great attitude, and friendly demeanor, makes her a favorite in every environment. Her dynamic personality makes her a friend that others trust and seek advice from. She is constantly on the go and spends the day juggling multiple activities

      When asked about what being an AB girl means to her Erin said “ it means being a total badass who doesn't stop when something doesn't go her way. Being resilient and flexible, while also pursuing her biggest dreams.” Erin is certainly a poster girl for pursuing dreams,her biggest accomplishment so far was quitting her corporate job at age 25 to pursue her passion and be a full time blogger. This was a huge transition to make, but it ended up paying off for her BIG TIME. 

      An important part of Erin’s daily routine is getting in a workout, exercise is a 100000% non-negotiable part of her day. Right now her fave workout is spinning at Flywheel, which she thinks is one of the hardest workouts in Philly. She loves how it’s both a physical and mental experience. She says “the instructors do a great job of getting into my head, pumping me up, and turning my day around.” 

      Even though she’s got a big personality on social media, in real life Erin is as much an introvert as she is an extrovert: “I love hanging out with my friends equally as much as I love sitting on my couch watching Netflix.” 

      Erin had some really meaningful advice for young girls, especially those who are interested in healthy eating and fitness. She said, “I think being healthy means more than just eating healthy and working out. I actually think it's way more than that. Eating healthy and working out is just one part of it, I think being healthy means being able to live life in the moment with a positive mindset. Being too strict or too restrictive never leads to any healthy mindset or behaviors! I wish I could have told this to myself in the past.” With that advice in mind, Erin told us that her fave indulgence is Reeses Peanut Butter cups, she can never get enough of them!!
      Cannot get enough of this AB girl? Keep up with Erin on her social media account @erinliveswhole.

      AB x SLT Influencer Workout

      AB x SLT Influencer Workout

      Last Friday, we kicked off our influencer event series: workout, meditation, lunch & lots of coffee. TGIF!

      SLT is one of the most humbling workouts to exist...and we crushed it. SLT stands for strengthen (your core) lengthen (your limits), & tone (your body). The 50 minute workout was led by Alanna Gardner (@_alannagardner_), who worked us every second of the 50 minute workout. Post SLT, we caught up on our stroll to ABHQ for a guided 30 minute meditation led by SoulCycle instructor, Lauren Stevis.  Lauren found meditation to help her through some challenging, stressful, and anxious times in her life and helped us learn the importance of slowing down during the day to focus on yourself – strong mind & soft heart. After 30 minutes of meditation, our zen state led us into our next part of our day: writing postcards to ourselves that will be sent in 3 and 6 months time. We ended the day eating salads from honeygrow (@honeygrow) and chatting about weekend plans.

      We wanted to get like-minded women in the Philadelphia area together for a refreshing day of working our minds and bodies. At ABHQ, it’s not just about our products, it’s about living an optimistic and fulfilled life. We genuinely loved spending the day with our AB fam and can’t wait for many more to come.

      Thank you to our AB brand BFF’s who spent the day with us:  Erin (@erinliveswhole), Jasmin (@jasminewiin), Julia (@itsjuliarae), Madeline (@mad_about_food), Kristen (@missdetterline), Anita (@anita_oh), Kristen (@kristenrodgersfox29), and Lauren (@lauren_stevis)

      New Year, Still Your Best Self ♥

      New Year, Still Your Best Self ♥

      New Year's resolutions are one of our favorite things about the start of a new year! Setting goals, sticking to them, and going places is the AB way. Some of you probably have “hit the gym” on the list (we’ve got an outfit for that), but no matter what you want to accomplish in 2020, AB has you set for clothes that make you look and feel your best!

      Resolution #1: Try new workout classes.
      A great way to get fit in the new year is through workout classes! Usually 45mins-1hour, classes are easy to fit into your schedule and are great for beginners who might not have a set routine at the gym. Rock our Everyday Legging from OTG by Addison Bay paired with the The Everyday Crop from OTG by Addison Bay and you’ll be dressed perfectly for anything from a zen yoga class to an intense bootcamp workout!

      Resolution #2: Travel more.
      Traveling is best when you are at your max comfort level, and we’ve got you covered. Heading somewhere sunny? Heading to a ski trip with your friends? We’ve got you covered with the best travel looks. You’ll have a new favorite travel uniform when you pair the  Snakeskin Crewneck by Terez with the matching Snakeskin Jogger by Terez. Throw on a cute pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go! 
      Resolution #3: Chilllll out, AKA do some yoga.
      If you’ve decided to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby, why not try yoga? A regular yoga practice will help you get in shape while providing a space to be calm and clear your mind for a little bit. When you go back to your busy day, you’ll be sharper and more relaxed than you were before you stepped into the yoga studio. Our Tricolor Leggings by Sundry are the perfect thing to take you from the yoga studio to errands around town, pair them with the loose and flowy Phases Tank by Joah Brown! Complete your outfit with a super cute sports bra (like our Naked Loop Back Bra by Lanston Sport) and you’re all set for an amazing yoga sesh!

      ABHQ Holiday Gift Guide ♥

      ABHQ Holiday Gift Guide ♥

      Holiday Gift Guide
      The 2019 holiday season is just around the corner and we have gift ideas for every lady on your list! Follow along with our gift guide to find the perfect present for those near and dear to you. This curated list is made for your mom, sister, BFF, work wife, pilates instructor….anyone who needs some extra AB love this season!
      The Fitness Friend
      These are the best of the best sporty styles for that girl who is always on the go from work to workout classes and everywhere in between. Two piece sets have been all the rage this year so why not give her the hottest fitness trend of 2019? Check out this set from PE Nation. This Bodywork Sports Bra is sure to stand out while also keeping you in place during your high intensity workout. Pair it with the Bodywork Leggings for a put together look that will be sure to turn heads wherever your girl is going. 

      The Lounge Lover 
      We all know someone who LOVES to be comfy 24/7 while still looking cute! Give the gift of coziness this holiday season with this loungewear set from Sundry. Pair the Raglan Cut Off Sweatshirt with the Boyfriend Sweats for a casual and comfortable look. For the absolute AB fan, gift her the Addison Bay Cropped Hoodie so she can look cute while repping her favorite brand!

      The Classic Queen
      For the girl who always looks put together in styles that will always be in, cute basics are the way to go! The Poppy Crop Top Bra by Vaara is perfect for the girl who always wants to look and feel good while staying true to her classic style. Give her the Moto High Rise Infinity Legging by Koral for an updated black legging. These leggings have the perfect shine to make any basic outfit one that will stand out in the crowd. 

      The Multi-Tasking Mom 
      Hardworking moms on the go are one of the most deserving of gifts this holiday season. The On The Move Kit from OTG by Addison Bay is the perfect gift for those moms who are constantly running from work to their kids soccer practice to the grocery store to a workout class. This outfit is so cute and can be mixed and matched with so many different styles for endless outfit combos. 

      The Traveler 
      For the girl who is always jetting from one city to the next, give her the gift of basics that can take her from the cold mountains to the tropical beach! The Julia Oversized Wrap by Splits59 is the best basic that can be used as a blanket, scarf or wrap, making it perfect for the girl who is always on the go. The Edith Sweatpant by Splits59 can be dressed up or down with any outfit. The versatility of these pieces make it perfect for any girl’s carry on! 

      The “Extra” Girl 
      We all have a girl on our list who loves nothing more than to stand out in a crowd through their “extra” outfit. The Mont Blanc Puffer by Blanc Noir is the perfect way to stay warm while making a statement. We are all about the metallics this season and we know your friends will be too! The Second Nature Legging by L’Urv are such a fun way to incorporate more color and pattern into any wardrobe and we can guarantee any girl who loves to stand out will shine in them! 

      Whether the gals on your list love their basics or thrive to stand out, Addison Bay has the gifts for you! We have gifts of all different price ranges for every special person in your life so there is sure to be something for everyone.

      AB Girl of November, Denise Drake ♥

      AB Girl of November, Denise Drake ♥
      We asked Denise what being an AB girl means to her. Her answer inspires all of us. “Being AB girl means being confident in your body, small, medium, or large.  It means following your dreams, no matter how scary or how many people tell you it won't happen.  This AB girl wants to spread positivity, and I strive to make people feel GOOD, INCLUDED, LOVED, HAPPY, JOYFUL, and ACCEPTED when they leave me.”

      Read more