April AB Girl of the Month...Rosalie Hunter ♥

April AB Girl of the Month...Rosalie Hunter ♥

We’re so excited to introduce April’s Girl of the Month …. Rosalie Hunter! By profession she is a wealth advisor, outside of her job Rosalie describes herself as a Mom, a friend, an athlete, a colleague, and a fighter. Although from the outside it can seem like she’s had a pretty smooth road, Rosalie would like people to know that she has worked incredibly hard for everything she’s achieved both personally and professionally. She says, “The truth is that I've faced significant challenges throughout my life, but I keep my chin up,  work really hard and always keep my eye on the prize.” Her biggest accomplishment this far is seeing her son and daughter grow up to become really good, kind hearted, and hard working people. Out of everything she has done, she is the most proud of her children.  

In her free time Rosalie LOVES to be active and exercise. Her favorite workouts happen on days when she has time to do cardio along with strength/core. Rosalie describes the ideal workout day: “My cardio would be a 30-45 minute run or spin class, followed by 30-45 minutes of a strength/core workout with a trainer. This combo gives me a sense of accomplishment because I know I’ve worked hard from head to toe!” 

Like a true AB girl, Rosalie is always on the go. Her typical day consists of going to Balance in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill for a workout, then grabbing her morning Dunkin Donuts as she rushes into the office. After a busy day at work Rosalie does her best to get in an early evening walk at home before she settles in to relax for the evening. With such a strict schedule Rosalie allows herself to indulge a little bit every once in a while. Her favorite indulgences are everything bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter vanilla ice cream, and wine (of course)!

Especially in these times of social distancing Rosalie prioritizes fashion, comfort, and fun statement accessories in her modern wardrobe. According to Rosalie, “I LOVE everything AB and I wear AB gear all the time. During this time of social distancing AB leggings, an AB tee or a fashionable AB sweatshirt is my go to work-from-home uniform!” We might be biased, but Rosalie definitely has incredible WFH outfits. 

To Rosalie being an AB girl means staying on top of her game in everything she does and helping others do the same. It means having a “can do” attitude and remembering that the glass is always half full! Rosalie’s advice to young girls is to invest in themselves. She says “make self care a priority (both physical and mental) and be comfortable with who you are. You can’t help or cheer on others unless you feel good about yourself.”
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