WE Had a Baby ♥

WE Had a Baby ♥

Our founder, Marguerite, added the newest member to our Addison Bay family and here’s what she had to say on her newest addition, maternity leave during a pandemic, and balancing mother and CEO roles.
Introducing my newest addition, Behr Webster Adzick, arriving on August 4th. We are beyond excited and grateful for our healthy and happy baby boy! The road to get pregnant has not been easy for my husband and myself so we’re feeling extra lucky for our little guy.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be wearing my mom hat a little bit more than my CEO hat – and that is the right move for everyone! I have an amazing teammate aka my husband at home to help get used to our family of four and I have an amazing team at work keeping AB moving forward in an innovative and productive way.
There’s never really a “good time” to have a baby, especially when operating and leading a startup business. This year and this pregnancy has been especially challenging while pregnant during a pandemic – the safety of myself, my team, and my baby came first and foremost. That being said, my other baby, AB, needed attention and leadership on my part and it was important to navigate the turbulent retail environment and lead my team.

The balance of being a working mother and CEO is important to me - both roles mean a lot and share significant importance in my life. At this time, with my newborn, the ‘mom side’ has to take more of my time and that is life! Honestly, it’s been really hard to take a few steps back from the company for a bit – but I know it’s best for my personal health, my family and my little Behr. Was I emailing my team from my hospital bed? Yes  but it’s all about balance for me. My new definition of balance looks a little different these days, swaying more towards nursing and nap schedules, but I’m still working to keep all of the balls in the air.
As a female founded and led company, our marketing mission is to empower other women who are trying to juggle everything and do it well. I hope other women can understand and relate to my struggle of trying to ‘do it all’ – this is not easy and I’m trying to make it all work. Some days, I feel like I can do it all and other days I feel like the worst mom and CEO in the world. As a female entrepreneur and mom, I believe in the importance of balance and self-care hope other women can relate to the same struggles.  

I’m celebrating my baby Behr’s one month birthday on the day of my company’s two year birthday. This is an extra special time to celebrate this milestone occasion. I LOVE birthdays and both are definitely a reason to celebrate. I will keep saying WE had a baby…I wouldn’t be able to do it without my teammate at home and my team at work, I’m so grateful for our incredible extended family.  


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