You Asked. We Listened. Let's Sweat.

You Asked. We Listened. Let's Sweat.

We’re back again with another week full of workouts, with 6 new instructors who are energizing your stay-at-home lunch break. We’ll be live streaming some of the most popular fitness instructors from NYC and Philadelphia straight to you (for free) via the Addison Bay Instagram. Make sure to keep noon clear on your calendar, because you won’t want to miss the actionpacked week ahead.

Here’s what’s on deck:

3/30 @ 12PM,
SaltDrop with Dino Malvone 

Dino will get your heart rate soaring and your muscles shaking for the perfect mid-day Monday break. SaltDrop is a sweaty, beat-driven workout designed to explore the joy embedded in movement. You’ll move through body-weight bearing sequences to warm the body and end with a big effervescent push to test your endurance.

3/31 @ 12PM, Housework with
Sydney Miller  

Calling all our Pilates lovers!! Housework is a full-body sculpting and conditioning workout set to the beat of electronic and house music. This class combines sculpting exercises based in Pilates with energizing cardio circuits designed to take your balance, flexibility, and core strength to the next level! You’ll use your own body weight and either sliders, towels, or paper plates for the slider series.

4/1 @ 12PM, Abs and Obliques HIIT with
Nick Turk

On Wednesday we’re bringing you another Soul Cycle Philly fave. Nick Turk will be toning your core by combining slow controlled and fast movements; this abs and obliques class will have you feeling the shakes.

4/2 @ 12PM,
Dance Body with Mindi

We love an upbeat dance session to break up the week! Get ready for a 30-min DanceBody workout with Mindi. Expect easy to follow moves that will introduce you to their style, with intervals of toning throughout. DanceBody's motto has always been: Keep Moving, so get ready!

4/3 @ 12PM,
Box + Flow with Olivia Young

Follow along for a high-intensity boxing inspired workout, complete with a cardio warm-up, shadowboxing, and fast vinyasa flow finisher, led by Box + Flow founder Olivia Young.

4/4 @10AM,
BPM Fitness Bootcamp with Shoshana

Addison Bay ambassador Shoshana is bringing you a classic bootcamp style workout that will exhaust your whole body. Get ready for a full body workout, that won't just leave you sweaty but will also be tons of fun! Fill a backpack with books, grab any weights you have, and let's get after it! 

4/5, @12PM
, Triyo Fitness with Malik, Khalil, and Ahmad Jones

We’re bringing back Philly’s favorite triplets for another full body workout! Join Triyo Fitness for a 45-minute total-body workout! You won’t need any equipment for this one (mats optional), so bring yourself and bring a friend! This will be a high-intensity cardio and strength workout!
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